(Sustainable packaging for the health of your body and our planet)

At Temporal Matters, we believe in the importance of taking good care of all three of our homes: our mind, our body and our planet. We worked hard to find the best possible solution to store high-quality ingredients and preserve their potency without any harm to your body and our planet.  

As a result of our searches, we found biophotonic glass designed to shield content from harmful environments. Most importantly, it allows us to use only natural ingredients without the use of any preservatives.

Violet biophotonic glass blocks the entire spectrum of visible radiation apart from three waves, which is an ideal setting for the preservation, energization, and activation of molecules. Unlike biophotonic glass, conventional glass (including clear, amber, blue or green) allows radiation to penetrate and therefore does not provide sufficient protection against degradation by exposure to sunlight.

Violet light has the highest frequency of any visible light (720-770 billion Hertz). Research conducted by Professor Hugo Niggli a few years back determined that this frequency activates and energises the molecular structure and biochemical properties of substances held within the dark violet glass by keeping it intact.

In addition to those advantages, the glass itself is known to be one of the most environmentally friendly materials. It’s 100% recyclable and can be made into new packaging again and again without losing any quality. An estimated 80% of recovered glass containers are used for new glass bottles. Using recycled glass when making new glass bottles massively reduces the carbon footprint as less energy is required compared to the production of new glass. If the glass is not recycled and ends up in landfills, it won’t leach harmful chemicals. Moreover, unlike certain types of plastic, glass packaging does not contain endocrine disrupters making it safer for your hormonal health.

Finally, one of the greatest traits of glass is that it can be easily reused, again and again, making it one of the most sustainable materials. That is why we also focused our creativity and care for our home planet on the development of jars that will serve you well both for supplement re-fills (coming soon!) and outside their original purpose. A long-lasting, practical souvenir that may live many lives in your household as a storage of your everyday necessities and ideas for the future.



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