What Is Temporal Matters ?


We created Temporal Matters as a tribute to wonderful, truly magical and ever-unique human bodies and their inherited ability to restore, repair and revive.


It is not a marketing stat but rather a tragic truth that half of the people in developed countries suffer from more than one chronic disease and the prevalence is rapidly rising.¹,² Most importantly, while there might be a genetic predisposition, the main causes of chronic diseases are modifiable and reversible.³


Modern life is limiting us in simple but essential building blocks of health: daily movement, sun, fresh air, and natural and wholesome produce, while adding in unnecessary daily stressors. Leading such a lifestyle will inevitably result in disruptions in our bodies but we have everything we need to help ourselves in finding balance and bouncing back. 


Building on years of research in the field of hormonal health and powerful natural ingredients, we have designed potent formulations to help you return your body to its natural equilibrium.

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We also believe that modern wellness should not be just about creating rituals and savouring the experience, but also about results and effectiveness in meeting the needs. 


We know that many chronic conditions are caused by the disruption of various biological cycles in the human body. By looking at the root causes of the disease and tackling the problem holistically, it is within our powers to prevent and manage those conditions.


We believe in the power of uniting the wisdom of nature and the intellect of science to support your wellbeing through the restoration of your body’s natural cycles. With that in mind, we created Temporal Matters based on robust science and biochemical potency of high-quality ingredients to help you find your balance and return home to your body. 


Hello and welcome to Temporal Matters!


My name is Anastasia and I am the founder and CEO of Temporal Matters, but I would describe myself first and foremost as a science admirer. I love all incarnations of science and undiscovered mysteries, the magic of it, international collaboration and unification it brings to people as well as health and happiness. I swear I did not copy-paste this sentence from my motivational letter for a PhD position.

I, like many other people around the world, have various health issues, which is totally fine. It's time we normalise the imperfections of the human organism, cut our bodies some slack and embrace self-care as a daily necessity rather than an indulgence. Let's make our physical and mental wellbeing a priority. 

Every healing journey is a process and a balance. A balance between your ambitions at work and personal life, a balance between your contributions to society and to yourself. We know both are equally important and the evolutionary tenet ''survival of the fittest'' is no longer relevant as we not just survive, we thrive when joined together.

My dream is to create a space, where we can share empathy for each other, a matter-of-fact approach to wellness, collective knowledge and experiences to bring forward the best of us and help each other in tackling our temporal matters as one unified organism.

As we launch our products and grow our business, I encourage you to stay in touch to learn more about our science and how we can help each other improve our wellbeing.

We are always here for you so don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions or thoughts you might have.


With health wishes,

Anastasia xx