Building and nourishing an intimate relationship between yourself and Nature is at the core of our brand and our products. We believe in the importance of taking good care of all three of our homes: our mind, our body and our planet. 


Our jars are made from biophotonic glass, which is good both for your health and our planet. This unique glass is 100% recyclable and reusable in the factory and your household. It shields supplements from harmful sun rays and protects the potency and quality of our natural ingredients without the need for any preservatives. 


While glass is an easily recyclable material and will not lose its qualities with recycling, the most sustainable packaging is the one you will reuse again and again. That is why we also focused our creativity and care for our home planet on the development of jars that will serve you well both for supplement re-fills (coming soon!) and outside its's original purpose. A long-lasting, practical souvenir that may live many lives in your household as a storage of your everyday necessities and ideas for the future. 


Our shipment packaging is made from recyclable materials: FSC certified carton boxes, biodegradable filling chips made from potato starch, fully-recyclable ''bubble'' wrap and box stickers. We also make sure that third-party companies we work with have the same values and strive for sustainable and environmentally-conscious business operations. 


Glass can be infinitely recycled without any deterioration to its function or quality. 

When we recycle glass in our factory, a significant amount of raw material is saved, while resources such as energy and water are preserved as recycled glass melts at lower temperatures than the raw material does. 


If you would like to help us in recycling, please email us at info@temporalmatters and we will send you a shipping label and details on where to send back your glass jar. Alternatively, you can participate in your local recycling scheme by visiting


We hope that you will enjoy our products and we hope they will become a comforting staple of your everyday routine. We will be launching re-fill pouches with two months of supplement supply made from fully-recyclable and biodegradable materials. 


We recommend sterilising your old jar with hot water, air drying it and then re-filling it with your supplements. 


We also would love to see a million brilliant ways how you re-use your jars in your household - share your ideas and tips on your social media and let us know.